How to Gain Weight Naturally and Effectively

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How to Gain Weight Naturally and Effectively

As we all know that obesity is the leading cause of many metabolic as well as lifestyle disorders, but there are several herbal medications available for losing weight.


On the other hand, weakness, generalized tiredness and weight loss is also becoming a concerning issue these days especially among the youths. Due to unhealthy lifestyle and dietary habits or suffering from a chronic disorder, digestive disturbances or worm infestations etc. may lead to gradual or sudden weight loss. But most people are unaware of what to take for gaining appropriate body weight or muscle mass. Most of the time they are being misguided to take protein or other steroidal based supplements which have a long list of side effects. There are many herbs mentioned in Ayurvedic literature that have multiple beneficial effects on the body and help in building up the body weight naturally and effectively, with relatively much lesser side effects. Planet Ayurveda being the globally emerging leading brand of herbal manufacturer, brings a perfect formulation for weight gain using natural herbs i.e. Weight Gain Formula.


List of Ingredients:

This herbal product is available in capsule form so it is very convenient to consume. Weight Gain Formula is having the standardized extract of the useful part of following herbs-

  1. Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)
  2. Vidanga (Embelia ribes)    
  3. Haritaki (Terminalia chebula)    
  4. Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica)  
  5. Amalaki (Phyllanthus emblica)
  6. Saunf (Foeniculum vulgare)
  7. Pippali (Piper longum)
  8. Jeerak (Cuminum cyminum)

Detailed Description of Each Ingredient

1. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is one of the best Ayurvedic herbs having the rejuvenating properties. It is the perfect balya dravya (strength enhancer herb) that aids in building up the body weight due to its nourishing ability. It also has the properties to reduce stress (major cause of aggravation of vata), increased vata dosha will lead to dryness, weight loss symptoms. Ashwagandha helps in balancing the vata and other two body dosha and providing nourishment to all the bodily fluids and enhancing stamina of the herb. It boosts the levels of testosterone which is an anabolic hormone that helps in building up the muscle mass and gaining weight.

2. Vidanga

Vidanga is mentioned as krimighana (anthelmintic), truptighan (herb used in relieving the feeling of fullness). Sometimes, due to the presence of intestinal worms-roundworms, tapeworms or threadworms or other parasitic infections (krimi roga) can lead to weight loss due to inadequate amounts of nourishing substrate available for the proper metabolism of the body. Vidanga aids in removing or eliminating those parasitic manifestations and making the intestines and body fit for the proper metabolism and thus help in healthy weight gain. Also, its triptuighan property will aid in removing/relieving the anorexia, nausea etc. features associated before the intake of meal.

3. Haritaki

Haritaki is well known for its anuloman effects, which means it helps in eliminating the endotoxins and free radicals that are the main reason for mandagni (reduced digestive power) and hampering digestion. Improper digestion leads to inadequate nourishment to the body and which lead to chronic fatigue and weight loss. Haritaki consists of chebulinic acid, gallic acid, ascorbic acid and tannin like phytoconstituents that possess multiple medicinal properties like purgative, astringent, anthelmintic, laxative, rejuvenative etc. that are beneficial in maintaining the proper gut and overall health of the body.

4. Bibhitaki

Bibhitaki is one of the ingredients of triphala (an ayurvedic herbal laxative formulation consisting of fruits of three plants). The fruit of this plant has antibacterial nature that makes it suitable for battling the infections of the gut or respiratory tract. It has very much beneficial results in eyes, hair and skin related disorders. Furthermore the ripe fruit of Bibhitaki is anti-diarrheal and astringent in nature. Terminalia bellerica is beneficial in treating the loss of appetite, thirst, other abdominal discomforts such as flatulence, bloating, various worm infestations etc. It is used to pacify kapha and pitta dosha.

5. Amalaki

Amalaki is the rich source of fiber, thus regulating the bowel movement and facilitating the removal of waste material from the body as stools. Also amalaki is also helpful in regulating blood sugar levels, thus helping in preventing diabetes and managing diabetes induced strength or weight loss. Emblica officnalis is also an abundant source of antioxidants that is good for liver, digestive tract and also useful in blood purifications. Regular use of Amalaki will enhance the digestion rate and simultaneously decrease or prevent the endotoxins build up. This will be very much helpful in gaining weight, and preventing further weight loss.

These three herbs i.e. Amalaki, Haritaki and Bhibhitaki is collectively known as Triphala and this ancient Ayurvedic combination is very much useful in therapeutic purgation (detoxification) of the body, facilitating the cleansing of gut and digestive tract and thus promoting healthy weight gain.

6. Saunf

Saunf is used as one of the best herbs having deepan (appetizer), pachan (digestive stimulant) and vatanulomak (pacifying vata dosha). This is used in treating flatulence (adhyamaan), abdominal pain (udarshool), diarrhea due to overeating (amatisaar), indigestion (ajeerna), splenomegaly (pleehavridhi) like ailments. It is the herb that is having anthol and fenchone etc. like volatile oils as phytoconstituents.

7. Pippali

Pippali is the herb having the anti-aging effects i.e rejuvenating effects (rasayan). The herb is having deepan, pachan, hot potency (ushna), helps in pacifying vitiated vata and kapha dosha. It is indicated in multiple diseases like constipation (aanah), indigestion (apachan), decreased digestive power (agnimandya), abdominal pain (udarshool), along with respiratory discomforts and painful inflammatory conditions. Pippali is having Piprin, pipridin and chavisin, starch and other volatile oils.

8. Jeerak

Jeerak also has vataanulomak, pachak, analgesic (vednahar), anti-diarrheal (sangrahi) etc. properties which will help in the management of vomiting (vaman), diarrhea (atisaar), flatulence etc. like disorders. The phytochemicals present in jeerak include cumic aldehyde, thymol (which is an effective antiseptic and wormicide agent), few non-volatile oils and pentosan. Cumin seeds are commonly available in almost every household. It is having special effects in treating the digestive issues in children.


These three (Saunf, Jeerak & Pippali) are the best herbs mentioned in Ayurvedic texts having the digestive stimulant properties. These help in promoting the proper metabolism of the food, enhancing the nutrient and other essential nourishment to the cells of the body making the healthy functioning of body fluids and hormones. These all factors will collectively lead in mamas dhatu vridhi (gaining muscle mass).



  1. Weight loss
  2. Fatigue
  3. Weakness
  4. Tiredness
  5. Digestive issues

Recommended Dosage

One Capsule twice daily with plain water after meals.


Side Effects

When consumed in excess amounts, it may lead to loose stools due to the purgatory effect of Triphala (Haritaki, Bibhitaki, Amalaki).



Taking a proper balanced diet, and following an adequate lifestyle along with this herbal supplement having these wonderful herbs, will definitely help in gaining weight naturally and more effectively than steroid based proteins or other supplements.

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