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Your Guide to Sound Sleep

Posted by Amore Health 39446 05/12/2018 0 Comment(s) Health and Wellness,
Your Guide to Sound Sleep

While electronic items have become more of a necessity in the 21stcentury, the concept of sound sleep has eventually gone down to becoming a luxury. The millennial may wonder as to why sleeping is so important. What is so wrong with not sleeping enough? In the long run, isn’t it better to sleep less and work more?

Nothing of what you pursue or wish to pursue would matter if you are not fit enough to enjoy it. The key to living a healthy and happy life is by taking care of you, mentally and physically and the first step in this process is by investing in good and sound sleep. It may sound funny, but catching up on a good night’s sleep is just what you need to get your life going on the right track.

If you are having trouble in getting a sound sleep, follow these simple guides to sleeping well:

Get up and go to sleep at the same time
Get your body used to a set-pattern designed only to rest, so after a couple of days your mind and body force you to going to sleep at the same time. It’s a universal gospel that whatever you do for 20 days straight becomes a habit. Same applies with your sleeping pattern, if you trick your body into sleeping and waking up at a scheduled time, it will naturally grow into believing the plan.

Indulge in activities
By this we do not mean that you exhaust yourself out of breath, but that, carry out an activity which will make you want to reach for bed after a long day’s work. These activities can range from simply walking for a couple of minutes a day to participating in vigorous fitness activities. Examples of some activities are dancing, playing a sport, reading, walking, running, hitting the gym, swimming, etc.

Avoid sleeping in even on weekends
Don’t have a plan for the weekend? Don’t feel like spending those extra bucks on a movie date or clubbing? Well, then take to reading a novel on weekends or learn the art of cooking. Because whatever you do would be better than sleeping in on weekends. By catching uponthat extra sleep on weekends you are not only surprising your body of the sudden change in sleeping pattern but also making yourself lethargic for the coming week. Doing this may lead you to breaking your sleep schedule and this may cause sleepless nights in the week to come.

Limit caffeine and nicotine intake
Caffeine and nicotine are elements which drive sleep away and keep you up and refreshed. So unless you plan to pull an all-nighter do not indulge in these cheap thrills at night as it may cause lack of sleep and fatigue.

Avoid alcohol before bed
Sure, it may heal a heart-break and help you pass out to not keep you in sync with real-time events, but it is at best not advisable to drink before going to bed. Drinking shrinks your brain capacity and may not be the most ideal way to go to sleep. Also, you may wake up feeling dehydrated which is not good for the mind and heart.

Evaluate your room
Do not spend too much time in your bed in carrying out allied activities other than sleeping. Also, strictly avoid studying in your bed as it may affect your studying and sleeping pattern both. Keep your bed exclusively for you to catch up on sleep. Also, evaluate your room of energies. Too bright or too dull is not the most ideal way to be. Keep your room and bed clean and free of dirt and mosquitoes.

Switch off
The most important of all, switch off just before switching off! This means go electronic-free before putting the bed-side table lamp off. The radiations or light emitted from your phones, tablets or laptops grapples with your mind and promote wakefulness.

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