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Two Snow Garlic Pearls a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

Posted by Divya2700 24/11/2018 0 Comment(s) Cardiac Health,Health and Wellness,
Two Snow Garlic Pearls a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

What is Snow Garlic?

Snow Garlic also known as Kashmiri Lahsun or Pearl Garlic or Snow Mountain Garlic is a rare and unique herb that grows only in the Himalyan Mountains over 6000 ft above sea level. This single clove garlic is one of the oldest herbs found in the Himalyan regions.

Benefits of Snow Garlic

  • Snow Mountain Garlic is observed to be a very efficient vessel dilator for improved blood vessel health and performance for human vital senses and organs.
  • There are compounds in it that provide potent antibacterial properties.
  • It also increases bowel movements so as to regulate metabolism and assist in the discharge of toxic food residuals.
  • It lowers blood sugar for diabetics.
  • It helps to dissolve cholesterol & fatty deposits in blood vessels thus aiding cardiovascular health as well.
  • Taking just 2 raw cloves in the morning on an empty stomach offers tremendous anti-inflammatory benefits and definitely lowers triglyceride level without causing any other side effects.

Thus 2 bulbs of snow garlic a day, keeps the triglycerides at bay and the doctor away in very a healthy way!!!


If snow garlic is not your thing, garlic or garlic supplements is a good  alternative as well.

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