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Oxygize Premium Ring Pulse Oximeter - Highly Recommended for Monitoring Oxygen Saturation

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Oxygize Premium Ring Pulse Oximeter - Highly Recommended for Monitoring Oxygen Saturation

Are you a person who is searching for an effective oxygen saturation checker? Or are you looking for the best pulse rate checker? Or are you looking for an oxygen saturation rate and pulse rate checker that is durable, reliable, simple, light in weight and effective?

Well search no more, because we fully got you covered. This might be a small and nice looking device but it is very powerful and accurate. It can be used anywhere but at a good temperature range and will always give you the best results. Just as oxygen is very important to man this physiological monitoring device is also important. It is so powerful that it doesn't even need daily maintenance and calibration.
It has a good looking LCD screen that displays the information so bright and very clear and sharp to the eyes. The LCD screen does not cause discomfort to the eyes. At the screen it shows you the battery status, PR value in BMP, pulse rate and your SpO2 value in percentage (%)It has an original lithium battery that can last up to 6 hours of continuous usage and it is 100% safe to use.
RING design: For the first time in India , Oxygize has introduced an oximeter which is not fingertip but in ring shape . Hence suitable for everyone from infants to senior citizens. Being a ring oximeter it gives more stability and can be used while doing exercise or any regular work. Bluetooth Connectivity: Oxygize oximeters are one of its kind with bluetooth connectivity.With application “OXYCARE” you can make, share and keep track of your reports on your android as well as IOS mobile phones. NO OTHER OXIMETER HAS THIS FUNCTION.  Charging Facility : Oxygize ring oximeter comes with a USB cable and inbuilt lithium battery , which provides hassle free usage for 6hrs once it is charged.No other oximeters in India have charging facility. Best oxygen saturation checker: With this simple device, you will never go wrong. If you are looking for an effective device that can help you check your oxygen saturation level (SpO2), this is the right one for you. It has a measurement range3 of 35 - 100% and an accuracy of ±2 (80% ~ 100%); ±3 (70% ~ 79%) and this shows that it is highly accurate, so you can be assured that this physiological monitoring device will give you the best results.

Perfect pulse rate detector: This awesome device might be small but it is also very powerful. When it comes to monitoring your oxygen saturation level and your pulse rate, this devices is very accurate with a measurement range of 25 ~ 250bpm and an accuracy of ±2bpm. Despite its small and simple looks, it is very effective and will never let you down.
Highly recommended: This is a small, compact, simple, effective and durable physiological monitoring device. It is very important and can be used in hospitals and healthcare organization, oxygen bars, or during family nursing and some physical activities. It is very helpful and fully reliable.
Nice computerized system: This compact device which is light in weight has a good user interface system. It is so easy to use and understand. It has an LCD display, it can continuously work for 6 hours and it has a notification for low voltage on the screen. Of uses, 3.7v original lithium battery and this device might not work well under low battery condition.
Inclusions in a pack : - Ready to use oximeter - usb cable - Bluetooth manual - General manual

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