Before you buy a Protein Supplement, Read This !!

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Before you buy a Protein Supplement, Read This !!

The Secret of Supplements that you need to know !

  1. Imported supplements with low quaity control - Most of the supplements even today are imported completely packed and branded. The distributors who sell the product dont care once the product has left the warehouse. Whats happening at the trade market (Super stockist, Stockist, Distributor, Retailer) is none of their concern. 
  2. NO control on SPURIOUS & FAKE products - There is a systematic gray market in most major cities especially in NCR region where you can buy identical bottles and Labels and Add Soy protein which is 10x cheaper and convert one 1Kg bottle into three 1Kg bottles. The margins are obviously very very profitable 
  3. Adding steroids for quick results - Many homegrown brands have been caught adding performance enhancing materials inside the product to show quick results. Sometimes they are caught & banned but most cases they don't get caught thus unknowing customers are at the biggest risk ! 

The Protein Specialist is India's first and only direct to customer Protein brand. We get our products tested by the experts and sell primarily online to customers directly thereby nullifying any chance of FAKE products. 

For all products from The Protein Specialist we use the best imported Whey protein from USA and NZ and we always give highest ingredients (Highest Protein, BCAA etc) per scoop/ serving.

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