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Revamp your usual beauty routine by introducing Oxygize® Oxygen stress ? Here’s how!

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Revamp your usual beauty routine by introducing Oxygize® Oxygen stress ? Here’s how!

Why not revamp your usual beauty routine by introducing Oxygize® Oxygen stress? Oxygen infused with the gorgeous essential oil aroma of ylang ylang , lavendar and Frankincense. Oxygize Oxygen stress contains no artificial ingredients and the essential oils used are 100% natural. According to Vogue, with an increased awareness that beauty and wellness go hand in hand, a new wave of nutritional beauty supplements is taking the world by storm! Supplements are now considered by many to be an essential part of one’s beauty regime. Supplementing your oxygen with Oxygize Oxygen increases the available oxygen to the skin boosting cell renewal and restores the body’s oxygen levels to normal, healthy levels. 

As we age oxygen levels in the skin decrease resulting in a loss of elasticity and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles plus stress can literally get under our skin playing havoc with our complexions. We’ll be the first to admit that our stress can get the best of us sometimes! What we do know is that the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol increase the internal acidity of the body and lower the oxygen levels.  Oxygenating with Oxygize Oxygen Stress can help reduce anxiety and stress levels helping us look and feel calm and refreshed after a few breaths.

With its in-built mask Oxygize Oxygen  is easy to use and as light and portable can be enjoyed at home or away! We recommend using as part of your morning and evening skincare routine and to promote relaxation when needed. Just take a few deep breaths to keep your skin looking fresh, youthful and wrinkle free, in an all-natural way. Enjoy!

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