Neem – A Cure for All Ailments

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Neem – A Cure for All Ailments

Neem is considered a wonder herb and is important for its variety of medicinal uses. Infact due to its innumerous benefits, in Sanskrit, Neem herb is called 'Sarva Roga Nivaran'. It is considered to be nature's best blood purifieranalgesicantiseptic and one of the most important detoxicant in Ayurveda. It helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Neem is highly recommended for the effect it has upon the skin as well. It is advised for maintaining a healthy glow on the skin. 

Neem can be consumed and used in any of the various forms it is available in these days – neem oils, neem juices, neem powder, capsules, soaps, shampoos, face care products and a lot more.

Here are some key benefits it provides for internal health, skin, hair and overall well being. 

Benefits for Internal Health:

  • Helps in detoxifying / purifying blood
  • Has anti-bacterial properties
  • Acts as a natural contraceptive
  • Controls diabetes
  • Helps maintain oral health

Benefits for the Skin:

  • Helps prevent and treat acne
  • Controls excess oils
  • Adds glow to skin
  • Delays signs of ageing
  • Treats skin allergies & infections
  • Treats eczema

Benefits for Hair:

  • Treats dandruff and hair fall
  • Reduces scalp itchiness
  • Treats various scalp diseases

Other General Benefits:

  • Neem oil has also been used effectively as a mosquito repellent.
  • Acts as a natural Pesticide / Insecticide to save plants
  • Treats all kinds of nail problems


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