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Sold Out Organic EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL 500ml
Brand: Benefit
Product Code: BENEFIT-02
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Benefit Organic EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL (500 ml)


Benefit Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is imported from Tunisia, one of the leading producers of high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils and one which is renowned for its organic farming of olives. The oil has a pleasant and mild taste / aroma, which is what is preferred by Indian consumers. It is packed in a dark glass bottle so that the oil is protected from light, which can cause the oil to lose some of its properties.

Contents: 500 ml bottle

Usage: Recommended for all cooking, except where high temperature frying is involved ( smoke point = 190 degrees Celsius )

Benefits of Organic Olive Oil: Organic olive oil is seen as the pinnacle of oils when it comes to nutritional benefits, and for a number of good reasons. 

  1. Organic : Organic olive oil is frequently "cold pressed," which means that the actual process of extracting the oil from the olives is carried out by squashing them between two large stone rollers. This is a more effective way to separate the oil and keep the process as natural as possible without the use of machines. As organic olives are grown without the use of additives, they tend to have a much richer taste and color that makes them stand out over their non-organic counterparts. The "first pressed" types of organic olive oils, such as extra virgin, are usually also the more expensive to buy as they undergo the least amount of processing.
  2. High in Monounsaturated Fat : This is known as the "good" fat that the body needs in order to function properly. And most people who live in countries that incorporate olive oil into their diets on a regular basis can stand testament to the benefits it provides. Monounsaturated fat is great for the heart and cardiovascular system as a whole, and can help to reduce the chances of heart attacks and strokes. It does this by lowering the levels of "bad" LDL cholesterol, while raising the "good" HDL levels at the same time.
  3. Good For Digestion : Olive oil has been shown to be of particular benefit to those who suffer from stomach ulcers and other gastrointestinal disorders. As the oil is a much more effective and natural inducer of pancreatic hormones and bile in the body, it can help prevent the formation of gallstones. The way the fatty acids are structured in organic olive oil is similar to that of the human body, which makes it very easy to digest. In fact, a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil is often given as a digestive aid in countries like Spain and Italy where the olives are indigenous.
  4. Great Source of Vitamin E : Vitamin E is a very powerful antioxidant that helps to prevent the damage inflicted by free radicals on the body. It also helps protect against heart disease and cancer. The recommended daily intake of vitamin E for adults is around 15mg.  A 100 gm serving of organic olive oil contains 19 mg.
About Us:

Benefit is the brand name of a range of health food products spanning healthy olive oils to sugar free jams.  The brand aims to deliver product superiority in what we offer, mainly through the following means – naturally better products, better formulations and recognition of special needs. The other key plank of the brand is affordability since most health food products tend to be very expensive.


The oil is certified organic by Ecocert, Switzerland’s world leading certifying agency. Additionally the oil’s overall quality is certified by the Tunisian government,  which plays a strong role in ensuring that Tunisian producers export only good quality olive oil. 


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Ships From: Delhi in 1 Business Day
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