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Bahola Labs

Bahola Labs

Bahola offers the most comprehensive range of homoeopathic medicines and the company remains at the leading edge of innovation, developing new products to meet today’s needs and packaging them to suit today’s lifestyles.

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Mullein Essence Ear Drops 15ml COD Available -9%
Mullein Essence Ear Drops 15mlMullien Essence Ear Drop is used for the ear, fetid discharge, ulc..
₹ 45 ₹ 41
Q 3 Syrup 60ml COD Available -9%
Q 3 Syrup 60mlQ 3 Syrup is an effective antipyretic, analgesic medicine for all types of fevers ..
₹ 55 ₹ 50
Gastron Tablet 20 Tablets COD Available -10%
Gastron Tablet It provides homeopathic relief for colic and Gastric ailments.Ingredients: Alumin..
₹ 60 ₹ 54
Eye Bright Drops 10ml COD Available -10%
Eyebright is indicated in inflamed conjunctival membrane especially, with profuse lachrymation. Pati..
₹ 80 ₹ 72
Dermin Powder 100g COD Available -10%
Derman Foot Powder was formulated for the treatment of athletes foot and helps to provides long last..
₹ 80 ₹ 72
Corn Paint Liq 10ml COD Available -9%
Cornpaint Liq It is a medicine for external treatment of corns and callosities that facilitates diss..
₹ 85 ₹ 77
Liverol Syrup 110ml COD Available -9%
Liverol Syrup 110mlLiverol Syrup is a homoeopathic medicine, primarily used for the management o..
₹ 85 ₹ 77
Skin Salve Cream 25g COD Available -9%
Skin Salve Cream 25gSkin Salve Cream is a homoeopathic cream for external treatment of various s..
₹ 85 ₹ 77
Tooth Drops 15ml COD Available -9%
Tooth Drops 15mlTooth Drops Tooth Drops is a homoeopathic formulations for dental conditions inv..
₹ 85 ₹ 77
Earsol Ear Drops 15ml COD Available -9%
Earsol Ear Drop is a homeopathic preparation given in the form of drops. These drops are indicated f..
₹ 85 ₹ 77
Calendula Cream 25g COD Available -9%
Calendula Cream Antiseptic Cream for superficial burns, cuts and wounds. Protects skin from sun, dus..
₹ 85 ₹ 77
Stincura 10ml COD Available -10%
Stincura 10mlStincura Helpful in insect bites specially scorpion, bites and stings generally tha..
₹ 90 ₹ 81
Alfalfa Syrup 100ml COD Available -10%
Alfalfa Tonic is a general health tonic that is used for the treatment of general debility, fatigue,..
₹ 90 ₹ 81
Cofil Syrup 100ml COD Available -10%
Cofil Syrup Cofil Syrup is an ideal homoeopathic cough formulation for all types of respiratory dise..
₹ 90 ₹ 81
Fi Phos Syrup 100ml COD Available -9%
FI-PHOS is a balanced combination of all the Five Phos salts namely Calc phos , Ferrum Phos, Kali Ph..
₹ 95 ₹ 86
Bahola Balm 30ml COD Available -10%
Bahola Balm is an external application which is very effective in relieving muscular aches and pains..
₹ 100 ₹ 90
Haematone Syrup 100ml COD Available -10%
Haematone Tonic is an effective blood purifier, skin tonic and detoxificant. It helps in reducing ac..
₹ 105 ₹ 95
Worminal Drops 30ml COD Available -10%
Worminal Drops 30mlWorminal Drops Vermifug for eradication of single and mixed intestinal infest..
₹ 110 ₹ 99
Kiddy Forte Drops 30ml COD Available -10%
Kiddy Forte Drops 30mlKiddy Forte Drops is a unique homoeopathic combination of medicines which ..
₹ 110 ₹ 99
Calsinbala Granules 75g COD Available -10%
Calsinbala Teething Granules is for growing children to relieve them from pain, sore gums and flushe..
₹ 120 ₹ 108
Arnicated Hair Oil 100ml COD Available -10%
Arnicated Hair Oil Arnicated Hair Oil is a dynamic combination of Cantharis and Arnica which nourish..
₹ 120 ₹ 108
Sinaril Drops 30ml - For Accute Sinusitis COD Available -10%
Sinaril Drops 30ml - For Accute SinusitisSinaril Drops Sinusitis is an inflammation of the paran..
₹ 125 ₹ 113
Renal D Drops 30ml COD Available -10%
Renal D Drops 30mlRenal D Drops To Correct Renal StoneIngredients: Hydrangea, Epigea Repens,..
₹ 125 ₹ 113
Gold Drops 30ml COD Available -10%
Gold Drops A Remedy for Acute Bronchial conditions. Goldrops offers immediate relief from constricti..
₹ 130 ₹ 117
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