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Alfa-Alfa Tonic

Alfa-Alfa Tonic

Alfalfa has been shown to help lower cholesterol, and may also have benefits for blood sugar control and relieving symptoms of menopause. People also take it for its high content of antioxidants, vitamins C and K, copper, folate and magnesium. Alfalfa is also extremely low in calories.

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Hapdco Alfalfa Super Tonic (200ml) : Useful in General Weakness, Low Weight, Loss of Appetite, Anaemia COD Available -20%
Also known asAlfalfa SupHapdco Alfalfa Super TonicAbout Hapdco Alfalfa Super T..
₹ 200 ₹ 160
REPL Alfa Alfa Tonic With Ginseng (200ml) COD Available -19%
REPL Alfa Alfa Tonic With Ginseng (200ml)ALFA ALFA TONIC BY REPLY WITH GINSENG is a homoeopathic..
₹ 195 ₹ 158
Lords Alfalfa Malt (250g) : Useful in General Weakness, Low Weight, Loss of Appetite, Anaemia,50g Alfalfa Malt is extra COD Available -20%
Also known asAlfa Mlt, Alfal MltAbout Lords Alfalfa Malt: Nourishing &..
₹ 200 ₹ 160
Medisynth Alfa Malt Forte (250g) : In Malt Base useful in General Weakness, Loss of Appetite, Fatigue COD Available -20%
Also known asAlfa malt. alfa fortePropertiesFormSyrupWeight ..
₹ 200 ₹ 160
Adven Alfa-A Syrup180ml | General Health Tonic COD Available -5%
An ideal tonic for fatigue, weakness, anaemia, weakness of nervous system, loss of apppetite & g..
₹ 170 ₹ 162
Adven Alfa G Malt 250gm | Fights Fatigue, Strengthens The Body, Improves Indigestion COD Available -15%
Alfalfa tonic with Ginseng in malt base. Removes fatigue, sleeplessness, neurasthenia and weakness. ..
₹ 190 ₹ 162
Allens Alfa Allen Tonic (250ml) : Improves Memory, Appetite, Relieves Weakness, overall health COD Available -10%
Allens Alfa Allen TonicIndications of Allens Alfa Allen Tonicused for improvement of lost..
₹ 195 ₹ 176
Bakson Alfavena Malt (250g) COD Available -20%
Nourishing & invigorating tonic for all age groups. Improves physical and mental strength. Suppl..
₹ 210 ₹ 168
Healwell Alfalfa Malt (250g) : Useful in General Weakness, Low Weight, Loss of Appetite, Anaemia COD Available -10%
Also known asAlfalfaHealwell Alfalfa MaltIndications of Healwell Alfalfa Malt ..
₹ 200 ₹ 180
Alfalfa Sf Syrup 200ml COD Available -7%
Alfalfa Tonic Syrup contains vitamin B-12 which is used to make body stronger and healthier. It cont..
₹ 185 ₹ 172
Bio India Alfamalt (250ml) : Useful in General Weakness, Low Weight, Loss of Appetite, Anemia COD Available -10%
Bio India's Alfa Plus MaltIndications of Bio India's Alfa Plus Malt    As ..
₹ 200 ₹ 180
Bio India Alfa-Alfa Plus Tonic (500ml) : General weakness, exhaustion, mental fatigue, loss of appetite, improves digestion. COD Available -10%
Bio India's Alfa-Alfa Plus Indications of Bio India's Alfa-Alfa Plus General weakn..
₹ 250 ₹ 225
New Life NL-Alfalfa Syrup (450ml) : Maintain Health, Boosts Immunity, Energy, Stamina & Improves Appetite COD Available -20%
Also known asAlfalfa, alfaNew Life NL-Alfalfa SyrupIndications of New Life NL-..
₹ 250 ₹ 200
Bioforce Blooume 47 Bio-Alfa Tonic 500ml COD Available -15%
Bioforce Blooume 47 Bio-Alfa Tonic 500ml..
₹ 280 ₹ 238
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Father Muller Homeo Alfalfa Tonic 250ml COD Available -7%
Father Muller Alfalfa Tonic is a general tonic that helps enhance our immunity and detoxify the body..
₹ 225 ₹ 209
Fourrts Alfas Dg Syrup 200ml For Heart Disease, Diabetes & Arthritis COD Available -15%
About Fourrts Alfas DG Syrup Fourrts Alfas DG Syrup is indicated for nervousness, neurasthenia and ..
₹ 250 ₹ 213
Based on 2 reviews.
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