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Sore Throat

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Similia Homoeo Biocom No.22 Bio-combination Tablets 25 Gm - Throat Troubles -10%
THROAT TROUBLES- Useful in Enlarged Glands, Abscesses, Acne, Swollen Tonsils, Dry/ Suppurating Scrof..
Rs. 70 Rs. 63
Similia Homoeo Biocom No.10 Bio-combination Tablets 25 Gm - Tonsilitis -10%
TONSILITIS- Inflamed and follicular tonsillitis, painful with white coating or greying white patches..
Rs. 70 Rs. 63
Also known as Vio Plus cofIndications of Viola Plus Cough Highly effective in dry & productive ..
Rs. 70
Tuswas is a powerful mucolytic and non-alcoholic cough syrup that is effective on all types of cough..
Rs. 70
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Lords Bio Combination No 10 (25g) : For White patch-tonsils, Bad Breath, Throat Pain, Red throat Sold Out
Also known asBc 10, Bio Comb 10, Bio Comb No 10Lords Bio Combination 10BC 10- ..
Rs. 75
Lords Bio Combination No 14 (25g) : For Sneezing, Running nose,sore throat, red cheeks, eruptions Sold Out
Also known asBc 14, Bio Comb 14, Bio Comb No 14Lords Bio Combination 14BC 14- ..
Rs. 75
Bjain BIO COMBINATION NO. 10 Tablets 25GM (Enlarged Tonsils) Sold Out
Clinical :TonsilitisQuick Overview Tonsillitis, Pain in throat, Thick coated tongue, fever and ..
Rs. 85
PRODUCT BRIEF: Biocivas Syrup is created with the perfect blend of Probiotics useful in asthma ..
Rs. 85
Indications of Co Ex SyrupIt is useful in all types of cough, i.e. whooping cough, asthmatic ..
Rs. 101