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Digestive Health

Digestive Health

Good (healthy) digestion is a 'silent' process - digestion in some form is taking place while we rest, eat, sleep or work. We generally only become aware of digestion when something goes wrong (eg, if you eat foods that don't agree with your body or drink too much alcohol or say, if you become constipated or have gas). Although the digestive system can withstand a lot of stress (from the foods you eat to emotional stresses), it can only do so for a limited period. Over time, the negative effects will accumulate and create health problems in the long-term. So irrespective of your lifestyle in the past, you can take some positive steps today to rejuvenate and maintain the health of your digestive system.

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Healwell Wormex Pills (15g) : For All Type of Worms, Hook Worm, Tape Worm, Pin Worm, Itching at Anus Sold Out
Also known asWorm pillsHealwell Wormex PillsThis medicine is effective for sin..
Rs. 70
Chitrakadi Gutika Is Used To Treat Many Types Of Gastric Disorders - Anorexia And Indigestion. It Im..
Rs. 70
Healwell Coliheal Pills (15g) : Relieves Gas, Abdominal Colic, Constipation, appetite loss, Bloating Sold Out
Also known asColic pillsHealwell Coliheal PillsIt provides homeopathic relief ..
Rs. 70
Similia Homoeo Biocom No.25 Bio-combination Tablets 25 Gm - Indigestion/acidity -10%
INDIGESTION/ACIDITY- Relieves Acidity, Pain in abdomen, Nausea, Vomiting, headache. ..
Rs. 80 Rs. 72
Similia Homoeo Biocom No.3 Bio-combination Tablets 25 Gm - Colic -10%
COLIC- Abdominal pain relieved by pressure, flatulent(indigestion or gas) colic, colic due to inflam..
Rs. 80 Rs. 72
Similia Homoeo Biocom No.4 Bio-combination Tablets 25 Gm - Constipation -10%
CONSTIPATION- Infrequent bowel movements with hard,lumpy stools. ..
Rs. 80 Rs. 72
Similia Homoeo Biocom No.8 Bio-combination Tablets 25 Gm - Diarrhoea -10%
DIARRHOEA- Diarrhoea during dentition (thin watery, greenish stools), stools with blood, involuntary..
Rs. 80 Rs. 72
Similia Homoeo Biocom No.9 Bio-combination Tablets 25 Gm - Dysentery -10%
DYSENTERY- Stools with mucous and blood. DYSENTERY- Stools with mucous and blood. ..
Rs. 80 Rs. 72
Product Description:Triphala is a combination of 3 traditional fruits. It consists of Haritaki, ..
Rs. 74
Radient Draxin Syrup (60ml) : Diarhhoea, Colic pain, Nausea, dehydration Loose motions Sold Out
Also known asDiarrhoea drops, Motion dropsRadient Draxin SyrupA homeopathic co..
Rs. 75
Radient Wormex R.P. Syrup (60ml) : all types of Worms, Threadworms, Hookworms, Itching at anus Sold Out
Also known asWorm syrupRadient Wormex R.P. SyrupA highly effective homeopathic..
Rs. 75
Similia Homoeo Gastrozyme 100ml | Antacid -9%
Similia’s Gastrozyme helps absorption and assimilation of protein, carbohydrate and fat, corrects ha..
Rs. 85 Rs. 77