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Probiotics Supplement 50 Billion CFU 11 Strains Digestive and Immune Support Delivers 15x More Live Cultures, Acid Resistant Time Release Capsules Probiotic and Prebiotic Patented Ingredients.

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Sold Out Probiotics Supplement 50 Billion CFU 11 Strains Digestive and Immune Support Delivers 15x More Live Cultures, Acid Resistant Time Release Capsules Probiotic and Prebiotic Patented Ingredients.
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  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE TRY RISK FREE - 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Feel Great or Your Money Back!! Every Purchase is Backed by our 1 Year Empty Bottle Guarantee - If you are Not Fully Satisfied for any reason we will refund your money no questions asked.
  • UNIQUE PROBIOTIC ? PREBIOTIC BLEND - Precision Naturals? probiotic supplement contains a prebiotic fiber known as NutraFlora®. Prebiotics act to nourish the organisms that constitute the microbiome (gastrointestinal bacteria). This is an important constituent of any high quality probiotic supplement.
  • PROBIOTIC DIVERSITY ? This robust blend houses 11 different probiotic strains. The more diverse the microbiome, the more proficient it becomes. This is vitally important when considering its impact on our immune function since 80%of our immune capacity is found in the gastrointestinal system?s microbiota.
  • ENHANCED DIGESTIVE HEALTH ? A balanced microbiome lends itself to a strong digestive system. It does this by way of physically protecting the epithelial layer of the digestive tract but also by enhancing the body?s capacity to manufacture and absorb essential nutrients.
  • SECOND GENOME ?The genetic profile of the microbiome out numbers our genes by a ratio of 150:1. The ability to modify a gene?s expression is embodied by one of the new frontiers in medical science known as epigenetics. Supporting your gastrointestinal health with probiotic supplementation affects your cells? genetic expression by way of augmenting the genetic profile of the microbiome.

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  • UPC: 862269000388

Probiotics 101 How Probiotics can Help You

Our gut bacteria, also known as the microbiome, are vital to our overall health and well-being.  Our gastrointestinal (GI) systemis one of the first interfaces we have with the outside world.  It’s made up of both friendly and pathogenic bacteria living in a state of balance (symbiosis).  Our friendly bacteria play a very important role in both digestive and immune health.  These bacteria outnumber our cells 10:1.  We have many different species of bacteria (upward of 400) in our gut, and they are unique to each one of us – much like our fingerprint.  We play host to about 3.5 to 4.5 lbs. of gut bacteria.  Some of their most important roles include:

  • Increases white blood activity
  • Controls putrefactive bacteria in the intestines 
  • Provides important nutrients for the building of blood
  • Assists in the digestive process 
  • Protects the intestinal mucosa 
  • Contributes to bowel elimination 
  • Synthesizes important B vitamins, including Vit B12

Healthy Microbiome Balance is Important

Balance within the microbiome is critical because when we suffer from a state of gut dysbiosis, your systemic health is compromised.

Probiotic and Prebiotic

Precision Naturals’ unique probiotic/prebiotic blend assists in rebalancing the microbiome. Our metabolism, weight, and overall health profile depend on the microbial symbiosis within our fragile gastrointestinal ecosystem.  Including this supplement in your wellness regime is the first step in recreating vitality in your life.

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