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Healwell Wormex Pills (15g) : For All Type of Worms, Hook Worm, Tape Worm, Pin Worm, Itching at Anus Sold Out
Also known asWorm pillsHealwell Wormex PillsThis medicine is effective for sin..
Rs. 70
Radient Wormex R.P. Syrup (60ml) : all types of Worms, Threadworms, Hookworms, Itching at anus Sold Out
Also known asWorm syrupRadient Wormex R.P. SyrupA highly effective homeopathic..
Rs. 75
About Wormorid Drops SBL's Wormorid Drops is a well balanced composition of Homoeopathic medicines ..
Rs. 105
Deva Vati A Wonderful Blend Of Exquisite Herbs, Deva Vati Is An Effective Proprietary Formulati..
Rs. 140
Also known asWorm DrpLords Worms DropsThere are several types of worms that ca..
Rs. 147
Dr Bakshi Baksons B27 Worms Drops:There are several types of worms that can cause problems in ch..
Rs. 150
Based on 1 reviews.
About Worm C TabletsAn effective and safe deworming formulation which helps: Relieve pain abdom..
Rs. 170
Based on 1 reviews.
DR. RECKEWEG R37Intestinal Colic DropsINDICATIONSFlatulent colic, meteorism, porphyrinur..
Rs. 235
Helps support the intestines and anal canal Supports overall body strength and physical feature..
Rs. 240
Based on 2 reviews.
Hebsur Herbals Waiwidang 120 Gm -15%
Vidanga is one of the powerful anti-parasitic herbs of Ayurveda. It is widely used against intestina..
Rs. 310 Rs. 264