Soursop Combo Pack Of 3 (1 Soursop Capsules 60 CAP + 50 Soursop Dry Leaves + 25 Gm Soursop Leaves Powder)

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Soursop, also known as Graviola. Many parts of the tree are used, including the leaves, fruit, bark and seeds, and each provides its own set of healing properties. Ongoing studies into the health benefits of Soursop may reveal this natural elixir as a possible cancer treatment. Common names associated with Graviola include: • Soursop • Guanaba • Corossol • Brazilian paw paw • Guanavana You may have heard about this cancer-killing super magical fruit SOURSOP, it’s the perfect cure for cancer. Much like the name implies the fruit is fairly acidic with a taste that resembles a mix of strawberry and pineapple. Not unlike other types of fruit, Soursop contains essential vitamins and minerals which make for a healthy addition to anyone’s diet. This Juice is now easily available in the market. "WE ARE GLAD TO SERVE YOU FOR YOUR HEALTH". Soursop Juice is manufactured as per the best standards in the industry. It is a natural fruit juice made from organically grown sour-sop fruits. We have our own plantations for best possible quality of juice. Soursop fruit attacks the cancer cell in a natural way without the side effects of Chemotherapy such as nausea, weight loss, or hair loss. Soursop fruit contains acetogenins, annocatacin, annocatalin. Soursop juice is high in Vitamin C and kills malignant cells of colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreatic cancer's. Soursop is 10,000 times stronger in slowing the growth of cancer cells as compared to adriamycin and chemo therapy which are commonly used. Nature is the best physician since it provides medicines without side effects. One such reputed natural “medicine” is know as Soursop. This fruit can suitably form part of your diet as a fruit, side dish, beverage and dessert to give you multiple health benefits. Health Benefits 1. Kills Cancer Cells 2. Prevents Osteoporosis 3. Treatment Of Urinary Tract Infections 4. Beneficial For TreatmenHeart And Prevents Nerve Damage 5. Fights Free Radicals
1) Reduces side effects of chemotherapy.
2) It is a health beneficial which protects against cancer.

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