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Simply Honey

Simply Honey's story began a decade ago where I found myself giving away mānuka honey jars to friends and family in India. We found this was the most appreciated gift from New Zealand.

Long story short, I started making enquiries within the honey industry and took some time to establish my network and at the same time, learnt a lot about Mānuka and its benefits.

I now have my own little brand selling mānuka honey, Simply Honey. My jars are designed, labelled and packaged to suit the gifting industry. We were very clear at the onset that we were not going to compromise on the QUALITY/GRADE of mānuka honey. There is very little known about the grading of honey. Lowest grade of honey can be as good as any table honey and very high activity level does not mean it does any additional good! It is important to find a grade that gives you all the goodness without having to bend backwards to source it. So that brought us to settling on MG514+. The packaging ofcourse, speaks for itself!

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