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MY Dr.

My Dr Herbals has concentrated in developing products that can be broadly classified into:

  • Herbal Pharmaceutical
  • Herbal Personal Care Products
  • Single Herbs
  • Herbal Tea
  • Classical medicines

Herbal Pharmaceutical Range comprises of General Health, Men's Health and Women's Health products that controls various ailments and supports longevity. These medicinal ranges of products are the result of our years of research referring the ancient Herbal texts and using latest technology. These alternative methods pose no side effects but control your ailments effectively.

Our range of Personal Care Products comprises of Hair care, e-vit Shampoo are some of the best selling brands of My Dr Herbal’s. These ranges offer the best known herbal solutions for personal care segment by the entire family.

My Dr Herbal's single herbs are the extracts of pure herbs. These herbs benefit one and all irrespective of the individual's body constitution, health, metabolic functions, age, sex and other factors. The rigorous tests conducted by our R&D team have made each capsule of these herbs the right measures to give the maximum health benefits to the individual. My Dr Herbals offers a of healthy Slim Herbal Tea which offers explicit health benefits and balances health in a natural way.

My Dr Herbal’s herbal slim tea is non toxic and is considered as 'Health Drink'. Each tea supports specific ailments naturally and are rich in great taste and aroma making it one of the most popular herbal green teas in the world. The herbs used in preparing the teas are harvested at the optimum time to ensure quality and efficacy and are microbiologically tested to guarantee against contamination. My DR Herbal’s understands the importance of the herbal ingredients, their efficacy and effectiveness in the holistic healing of the individual.

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