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kivā started with a simple question: when ayurveda is so good for us, why don’t more of our friends and family adopt it in their daily lives?

We asked our friends, our families, we surveyed several hundred friends of friends, we sampled ayurvedic foods, juices, tonics from the market, we spoke to doctors and read reports and we came up with simple answers:
– Ayurveda works. It’s an ancient system of living life, it draws its power from natural herbs and processes, and has been enriching lives for 4,000 years now.
– The path of ayurveda sounds tough! It sounds too complicated and rule-oriented, and we don’t know where to begin. Many people said they didn’t think they could make it work with their fast-paced lives and unpredictable schedules.
– It sounds boring!

So we decided to start a company to bring ayurveda in a newer, fresher, fun-ner avatar to our friends and kivā was born. No babas and munis, no complicated rules and hundreds of products. Simple products that work and also look and feel good.

Thus were born our four daily “shots” – tasty, ready to drink and easy to carry.

Our motto: one shot a day keeps the doctor away!

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