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We, the Hahnemann Pure Drug Co., set up for three decades now, are one of the finest producers and suppliers of Homeopathy Medicine. With a high achievement rate in curing disease through our reassuring methods of homeopathic treatment, HAPDCO is expanding very quickly to be perceived among the best homeopathic manufacturer and an e-commerce marketplace company selling valuable medicinal products.

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Also known as Vita mind Hapdco Vita-Mind Syrup It is a brain booster formula that..
₹ 0
Hapdco Relaxomuv Balm (10g) : Reduces Multiple joint pains, Headache, Sciatica, back, knee pain -15%
Also known as Relaxo, relax m, relaxmu   Terms and Conditions We have ass..
₹ 40 ₹ 34
Hapdco Britone Eye Drops (10ml) -16%
  Terms and Conditions We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before p..
₹ 45 ₹ 38
Hapdco I-Jyoti Eye Drops (10ml) -16%
Description: i-jyoti is most effective in all sorts of eye degeneration, conjunctivitis, cataract, ..
₹ 45 ₹ 38
Hapdco Muora Gel Combi Pack (10ml) : For Ulcers Inside the Lips, Cheek, Tongue, Burning, Painful Gum Boils -17%
Also known as Muora gel Hapdco Muora Gel Combi Pack A speciality product for mout..
₹ 60 ₹ 50
Hapdco B.Ve. Phos Syrup (60ml) : Children Tonic for Dentition, Diarrhoea and Vomiting of Milk, Calcium Deficiency -17%
Also known as Bphos, Bv phos Hapdco B.Ve. Phos Syrup Indications A great const..
₹ 60 ₹ 50
Hapdco Relaxomuv Ointment (25g) : Decreases Swelling, Stiffness, Pain in Joints, useful in Gout and Uric Acid -15%
Also known as Relaxmuv Properties Weight 40 (gms) Dimensions 13.5 (cm) x 2.5 (cm) x 2.5 (cm)..
₹ 65 ₹ 55
Hapdco Pilodex Cream (25g) : Useful in Painful or Bleeding Piles, Fissures, Constipation -15%
Also known as Pilodec Properties Form Ointment Weight 39 (gms) ..
₹ 65 ₹ 55
Hapdco Dermex Cream (20g) : Relieves Itching, Redness, Dry Eczema, Psoriasis, Cracked and Flaky Skin -15%
Also known as Dermex. dermec Properties Form Ointment Ingredient Base Homeopathic Weight 3..
₹ 65 ₹ 55
Hapdco Warto Plus Cream (25g) : For Warts, Polypus, corns, brown spots, eruptions. -16%
Also known as wart crem Properties Weight 38 (gms) Dimensions 13..
₹ 70 ₹ 59
Hapdco Sunway Herbal Hair Cleanser (100ml) -16%
A unique formulation enriched with the goodness of nature’s renowned herbs Amla, Bhringraj, Sh..
₹ 75 ₹ 63
Hapdco Cholerasol Drops (30ml) : Hyperacidity, Belching, Gastritis, Flatulence, Abdominal Cramps -16%
Also known as Cholerasol, chole Properties Weight 82 (gms) Dimensio..
₹ 80 ₹ 67