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Dark Forest

We, at Dark Forest, are bringing the nature's love to you. Dark Forest is a venture established by a team with years of experience in Ayurvedic medicines and herbs. All Dark Forest products are made from herbs which are sourced from the dense forests of Chhattisgarh and beyond. Our range of Pure, Natural and Herbal products comprises of essential oils, powders, whole herbs and more which will revitalize your body naturally. 

In our lives today, we are surrounded with chemicals and artificial or synthetic products that are harmful to our body. We are so busy in our lives that our connection with THE NATURE seems lost. We tend to do the more CONVENIENT things rather than the more CONVINCING things. Every cure seems to have its own complications. It's time to go back to Our Roots, Our Mother Earth - The Nature. 

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Dark Forest Giloy(Tinospora Cordifolia)Powder - 200g FREE Shipping Sold Out
Giloy Powder acts as rasayan tonic(according to ayurveda). It is also a immuno modulator.Discla..
₹ 349
Dark Forest Jamun(Java Plum) Powder - 200g FREE Shipping Sold Out
Jamun Powder is good for glucose control.Mix Jamun Powder with cow milk, apply at night and was..
₹ 349
Dark Forest Pomegranate Peel Powder - 200g FREE Shipping Sold Out
Pomegranate Powder is effective detoxifying agent, useful for dental hygiene, an effective skin mois..
₹ 349
Dark Forest Harde(Chebulic Myrobalan) Powder - 200g FREE Shipping Sold Out
Harde Powder and Neem powder when mixed with water works as a great cleansing agent for the face. ..
₹ 349
Dark Forest Neem(Indian Lilac) Powder - 200g FREE Shipping Sold Out
Neem Powder is the best natural medicine for the skin. Even a simple Neem Powder paste if applied to..
₹ 349
Dark Forest Reetha(Soap Nut)Powder  200g FREE Shipping Sold Out
Reetha Powder is a very effective cleansing agent that keeps the scalp gentle and removes any micro-..
₹ 379
Dark Forest Lemon Peel Powder - 200g FREE Shipping Sold Out
Lemon Peel Powder is useful for skin related problems like wrinkles, acne, pigmentation, detoxifying..
₹ 379
Dark Forest Triphala Powder - 200g FREE Shipping Sold Out
Triphala Powder is useful in cases of indigestion and improvement of overall health.Disclaimer:..
₹ 379
Dark Forest Niranjan Phal (Malva Nut) - 25g FREE Shipping Sold Out
Niranjan Phal helps in cases of acidity and piles.Niranjan Phal is like a beetle nut. When soaked ov..
₹ 379
Dark Forest Kaucha(Velvet Bean) Powder - 200g FREE Shipping Sold Out
Kaucha Powder is useful as aphrodisiac and aids in urinary tract problems.Disclaimer: The produ..
₹ 379
Dark Forest Himej(Terminalia Chebula) Powder  200g FREE Shipping Sold Out
Himej Powder is useful is cases of constipation and gas.Mix 1 tsp Dark Forest Himej Powder with..
₹ 379
Dark Forest Babool(Gum Arabic) Powder - 200g FREE Shipping Sold Out
Babool Powder is useful for vomiting, vitiated conditions of vata and kapha. It helps in oral care. ..
₹ 379
Dark Forest Vekhand(Calamus Root) Powder  200g FREE Shipping Sold Out
Vekhand Powder acts like an anti-oxidant. The paste of Dark Forest Vekhand Powder with water works w..
₹ 379
Dark Forest Orange Peel Powder - 200g FREE Shipping Sold Out
Orange Peel Powder is a wonderful ingredient which, when incorporated in regular face packs or facia..
₹ 379
Dark Forest Shikakai(Acacia Concinna) Powder  200g FREE Shipping Sold Out
Shikakai Powder is of naturally low pH value, it is a mild component that retains the natural oils o..
₹ 379
Dark Forest Bhringraj (False Daisy)Powder - 200g FREE Shipping Sold Out
Bhringraj Powder is an important herb for hair care. Bhringraj Powder rejuvenates the hair, makes th..
₹ 379
Dark Forest Gurmar (Gymnema) Powder  200g FREE Shipping Sold Out
Gurmar Powder literally means "sugar killer". Gurmar Powder helps in sugar balance.General Fitn..
₹ 379
Dark Forest Amla (Indian Gooseberry) Powder - 200g FREE Shipping Sold Out
Amla Powder consists of a number of essential fatty acids that nourish and moisturize the hair. Thes..
₹ 379
Dark Forest Brahmi Powder(Thyme Leaved Gratiola) - 200g FREE Shipping Sold Out
Brahmi Powder is a traditional remedy that is known to make hair thicker and nourished. Brahmi Powde..
₹ 379
Dark Forest Punarnava(Spreading Hogwood)Powder - 200g FREE Shipping Sold Out
Punarnava Powder is used for general debility, in swelling and urinary tonic.Disclaimer: The pr..
₹ 379
Dark Forest Shankhpushpi Powder - 200g FREE Shipping Sold Out
Shankhpushpi Powder is useful in cases of weak memory, forgetfulness and stress.Disclaimer: The..
₹ 379
Dark Forest Karela(Bitter Gourd) Powder - 200g FREE Shipping Sold Out
Karela Powder has properties that help in sugar balance and stimulates pancreas besides improving li..
₹ 379
Dark Forest Kavas Wood(Quassia Amara) - 100g FREE Shipping Sold Out
Soak 2-3 chips of Kavas Wood in a glass of water for about 8 hours. Strain the water and drink it in..
₹ 399
Dark Forest Gokhru(Caltrops) Powder - 200g FREE Shipping Sold Out
Gokhru Powder is rightly known as urine tonic. It can be taken daily with milk or water.Disclai..
₹ 399
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