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For B.Jain, Homeopathy is not just a business but a passion and that is why they have sister concerns like C.A.S.H which works with sole aim to popularize homeopathy . It’s the passion which has made B.Jain start a pharmaceutical plant which brings a unique feature of giving right to each and every doctor how his/her medicines are being made. B.Jain today is one stop shop for homeopathy for any homeopath where they can get all for their homeopathy needs, from books, journal, magazine, globules, remedy bags and now high quality medicines with 100 assurance of its correctness.

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Bjain Omeo Alfa & Ginseng Syrup 100ml -10%
Omeo Alfalfa Ginseng Syrup from Bjain has medicinal values of ingredients which are known for improv..
₹ 79 ₹ 71
Bjain Omeo K-Stone Syrup 100ml -10%
Each kidney has a bean shaped structure and has convex and concave surfaces. Urine formed in the kid..
₹ 89 ₹ 80
Bjain Omeo Liver Syrup 100ml -10%
LiverLargest glandular organ of the body. Weighs about 1.36 kg. It lies on the right side of t..
₹ 89 ₹ 80
Bjain Omeo Asthma Syrup 100ml -10%
Asthma is a common long-term inflammatory disease of the airways of the lungs. It is characterized b..
₹ 89 ₹ 80
Bjain Omeo Uterus Syrup 100ml -10%
Uterusor womb is a major organ of female reproductive system. Along with ovaries, fallopian tubes, c..
₹ 89 ₹ 80
Bjain Omeo Digestion Syrup 100ml -10%
Digestive system is a very important system present in our body as it is responsible for the digesti..
₹ 89 ₹ 80
Bjain Omeo D-FVR Plus Syrup 100ml -10%
Viral fever refers to a broad spectrum of conditions where viral infections are associated with elev..
₹ 89 ₹ 80
Bjain Omeo Alfa & Ginseng Sugar Free Syrup 100ml -10%
Points to remember:The Stevia added to the Syrup as natural sweetener. • Stevia is a lo..
₹ 99 ₹ 89
Bjain Omeo Kalmegh Drops 30ml -10%
A homoeopathic specialty product for affections related to gastro-intestinal tract.Composition: ..
₹ 119 ₹ 107
Bjain Omeo Dysentry Drops 30ml -10%
Dysentery broadly refers to infectious gastrointestinal disorders characterized by inflammation of t..
₹ 119 ₹ 107
Bjain Omeo Sleep Drops 30ml -10%
Insomnia (sleeplessness) is amongst the most common problem seen by physicians. More than 50% of the..
₹ 129 ₹ 116
Bjain Omeo Prostate Drops 30ml -10%
The prostate is an exocrine gland of male reproductive system function of which is to secrete pros..
₹ 129 ₹ 116
Bjain Omeo Diabetes Drops 30ml -10%
Diabetes mellitus is a condition in which a person has a high  blood sugar (glucose) level as..
₹ 129 ₹ 116
Bjain Omeo Ear Drops 15ml -10%
Ear is known as the balancing organ of the body.  A very common symptom observed relating to ea..
₹ 135 ₹ 122
Bjain Omeo Sinus Relief Drops 30ml -10%
Sinusitis is a common inflammation of the paranasal sinuses(air-filled spaces located within the bon..
₹ 139 ₹ 125
Bjain Omeo She Drops 30ml -10%
Dysmenorrhea or pain during menstruation is one of most common complaints among females of age group..
₹ 139 ₹ 125
Bjain Omeo Renal Drops 30ml -10%
Composition:Acidum nitricum         6X    ..
₹ 139 ₹ 125
Bjain Omeo Heart Gold Drops 30ml -10%
Composition:              &nbs..
₹ 139 ₹ 125
Bjain Omeo Slim Drops 30ml -10%
Overweight and obesity are defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair health...
₹ 139 ₹ 125
Bjain Omeo Uterus Syrup 200ml -10%
Omeo Uterus Syrup is a combination of Aletris farinose, Janosia ashoka, Helonias dioica, Thlaspi bur..
₹ 145 ₹ 131
Bjain Omeo Alfa & Ginseng Sugar Free Syrup 200ml -10%
Points to remember:The Stevia added to the Syrup as natural sweetener. • Stevia is a lo..
₹ 160 ₹ 144
Bjain Omeo Arthritis Sugar Free Syrup 200ml -10%
A jointis the location at which two or more bones make contact. Their function is to ..
₹ 160 ₹ 144
Bjain Omeo Arthritis Syrup 100ml -10%
A jointis the location at which two or more bones make contact. Their function is to ..
₹ 178 ₹ 160
Bjain Omeo Cough Syrup 100ml -10%
Cough is a sudden and often repetitively occurring reflex which helps to clear the large breath..
₹ 178 ₹ 160
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