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SMS shopping

We now offer you a shopping experience as simple and secure as sending a SMS! 


  1. You: SMS your order
    Tell us what you want by sending SMS to +91-9035000894. The format does not matter as long as we have the product code (refer picture below to see where to get product code), quantity, shipping name and address
    "I want 2 B0018 Pratik Sharma 1234 Gayatri Vihar, Near Shell Petrol Pump, Kundanhalli, Bikaner 123456"

  2. Us: SMS you the order total
    We will tell you the order amount and payment details.
    "Your order total is Rs 405 = (175 x 2) + 55 shipping. Please pay using IMPS to +919611110779 and MMID 9532533"

  3. You: Make IMPS payment using your existing mobile or internet banking. IMPS is a real-time mobile based payment using your bank account. Once enrolled through your internet or mobile banking, you can instantly pay anyone in India by simply entering their mobile number and a unique 7 digit identifier called MMID. All banks offer it since it is approved by the Reserve Bank of India and is instant, secure and convenient. Learn more about IMPS. For first time IMPS users to learn more simply google "IMPS <bank name". Example, search in google for "IMPS ICICI"
  4. Us: Confirm your order shipment
    "Your order has been shipped and you can expect it within 3 business days". Learn more about our Shipping policy.

For any queries please call us at +91-9035000894 or email us [email protected]





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